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We lead innovation on biometrics authentication systems with BiometriD

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From simple CRM to the most complex ERP. We integrate it all with Kolmeia.

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Apps that are optimized to our own back ends, or created to fit our clients needs.

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The first app-less, internet-less, password-less mobile payments and multi-service authentication platform. You just need your face / voice and a regular cellphone. It works like magic.

Next gen modular ERP for SMBs. From basic office suite tools to Invoicing, DMS and HR, its all there with high level of integration, simplicity and efficiency. And good looking too.

Cloud telephony/video conference, PBX and call center platform for personal and enterprise use. All you need is a browser and an internet connection. Both standalone and powerful API for deep integration into all kinds of apps.

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We are a group of 16 passionate, technology fanatic engineers, plus our members of the board that, guess what? Yes, are also tech freaks.

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Porto: (+351) 913 676 939
Setúbal: (+351) 265 408 169

Casa do Farol, Rua Paulo da Gama
4169-006 Porto

Av. Luísa Todi n165
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