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about us

Polygon is a Portuguese technology company specialised in the development of multimodal biometrics internet and mobile phone solutions. We have created a digital platform that enables multimodal biometric authentication and document validation for web and mobile applications.

Our vision is to make mobile Biometrics available to all organisations - large and small - in a simple and affordable way.

As a result of a large investment made on a group of people with experience in voice technologies, we also develop different communication solutions all with the same aim of serving our clients needs and easily integrate with our biometric technologies in an innovative and disruptive manner.


Biometrid On

BiometridON is our service-based onboarding solution. It facilitates the process of creating and validating a digital identity of a new (or existing) customer, allowing for remote user identification.

By using a camera from a smartphone or computer, the customer only needs his European Union National ID card (or passport) and a selfie to "open an account".

From this point onwards, the customer will be able to authenticate and verify his identity using the enroled biometric data (face and/or voice).

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Biometrid Auth is a service-based multimodal biometric authentication and document validation platform which is available through an application interface and can be integrated within an existing workflow.

Our solution combine awareness and physical properties such as voice, fingerprint and facial features to enable verification of users identities, allowing security and performance depending on the context of our client needs.

Vocal Pay

Vocal Pay is an easy, innovative and secure solution for mobile and telecom payments using voice biometrics.

VocalPay provides a range of alternative payments methods that will increase both target market and conversion rates.

Forget about passwords, with Vocal Pay, a shopper can buy anywhere, anytime, by using the app or even with no internet connection, just by receiving a call to confirm the purchase.

A near to zero user interface solution that enables strong authentication aligned with the new european payment services directive.

See where our solutions can be applied in your business. Download our use-cases .


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