Proof of liveness to stop financial crime

Digital transformation solutions that helps you verify your customer’s identity and detect liveness remotely  by using facial or voice biometrics.

Liveness detection
that transforms the pension experience

Allow senior citizens to perform regular liveness checks from the comfort of their home. Delight customers using people friendly verifications that don’t require technology expertise.  

Facial Biometrics

Ensure that the right person collects the monthly pension

Verify your clients physical presence with a 2 seconds video selfie. Our sophisticated facial biometrics technology can accurately determine if the person behind the screen is a genuine person and the authorized fund receiver.

Voice Biometrics

Put words to work and confirm payment & collection

The voice’s unique patterns can identify a person’s identity and liveness within 6 second of speech. Employ an easy to use verification method that requires the speaker to read a pre-selected digit combination or passphrase.

Stop loosing money on pension fraud

Leverage top performance technology to check your clients physical presence and liveness without them leaving the house. Reduce the risk of financial crime by verifying your clients liveness in two ways: facial or voice biometrics.

Automate manual work

Automate repetitive tasks and focus your human resource on more important matters. 

Minimize fraud loses

Make it impossible for fraudsters to trick the verification system with fraud-proof technology.

Optimize operational costs

Save money on fraud losses and use you human resource smarter. 

Increased customer satisfaction

Delight your customers with simple verifications methods that guide them throu the process, while keeping them safe in their own home.

Your customer data protected

Our solution is compliant by design to make it simple for you to stay on check. We are GDPR ready with extensive data storage options and strongest data encryption. 

Ready to save money on fraud?