Advanced fraud protection to power your business

Protect your business and your profits from fraud and the losses they bring. Use best on the market technologies to stop spoofing attacks and allow only genuine customers acces your service.

One enterprise-strength platform
to fight identity fraud

Everything you need to verify your customer’s identity in one place. Build your business logic into every identification flow that will make your business fraud-proof.

Verify government issued documents

Leverage our sophisticated machine learning algorithms to verify more than 6000 types of identity documents issued by governments from 250 countries.

Know that the true document owner is present

Determine if the user is the true document owner and if his identity is genuine. Catch fraud attempts by using biometric identification and advanced facial comparison.

Monitor AML watchlists in real time

Adjust the verification process to your risk needs and screen customers against dynamic global lists and more than 1000 international datasets.

Protected in one simple flow that customers will love

Verify customers identities in seconds with a delightful customer flow that will help your conversion rates while keeping you protected against fraud attempts forever. 

simpler for your customers, better for you

Your customer data protected

Our solution is compliant by design to make it simple for you to stay on check. We are GDPR ready with extensive data storage options and strongest data encryption. 

Ready to fraud-proof your business?