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Increase your product offering with the most powerful identity verification platform.


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The easiest way to incorporate identity verification for the businesses or individuals who use your product. Integrating our platform lets you develop new revenue opportunities and answer your client’s emerging needs.

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Answer the demand of secured online identity solutions and see your business grow.

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Delight your clients with the most secure and best performing technologies on the market.

Polygon is member of the Biometric Institute
Polygon's solutions meet the NIST standards and recognition
Polygon's liveness detection has the iBeta level 1 performance certificate
Polygon's liveness detection has the iBeta level 2 performance certificate

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User Partner

Onboard and authenticate your own customers and take advantage of the other benefits of being a partner.

Referral partner

Built for consulting companies that require a partner with KYC/AML capabilities.

Solution integrator

For companies with the technical ability to integrate the solutions in their customer's side.

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Adapt the platform to your brand, customize to your clients.

Learn everything you need to know and get the confidence you need with personalized designed training.

Connect to other platforms via deep data connections.

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Explore our marketing and sales white-label content that will help you close deals faster.

We’ve got your back covered. Receive technical support when needed.

Get all the information that you need to support your clients from our information hub.


Impact on business growth

Partnering with Polygon means exceeding your customers expectations by offering them complete solutions that answer their complex needs. Polygon helps ensure security and compliance during the entire digital customer journey without hurting the conversion rates.

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Compliance at the core

Polygon's solutions are ISO 27001 certified for security and quality
Polygon's solutions are ISO 9001 certified for security and quality

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