Keeping compliance and conversion on check with
biometric verification

Solutions powered by AI and biometrics for quick and secure identity verification during the entire identity customer cycle. Our platform maximises your conversion rates and reduce fraud, while still keeping you compliant with AML and KYC.

Leading technology performance:

We provide solutions to help you onboard quickly and securely customers from all around the world. Plus, our platform maximizes your conversion rates and reduces fraud, while still keeping you compliant with AML and KYC.

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Your to do list for responsible gambling and gaming:

Verify your players age

Scale your client acquisition by easily verifying international customers. Improve conversion rate with faster, better onboarding.

Keep AML and KYC compliance

Compliance with global regulatory can be easy with Polygon’s powerful technology that performs real-time background checks.

Conversion more customers

Automate KYC and customer onboarding processes and save time and money.

Protect from fraud

Keep fraudsters out of your platform and avoid fraud losses. With our strong technology, you can allow only the genuine users to access your platform.

All you need to Know Your Customers

We bring together everything you need to trust your customers. Our powerful platform supports your users onboarding, authentication, and compliance from start to finish.

  • CRM for compliance teams

    A complete compliance toolbox to transform your present AML policy to a digital procedure that is automated and re-checked manually as needed.

  • Biometric verification

    Create an automated identity verification flow with best-on-the-market biometric technologies.

  • Document autheticity verification

    Replace manual checks with AI driven document verification that will detect authenticity and validity. Extract the information you need with smart OCRfor improved processes.

  • AML real-time checks

    Provide the finest data to your compliance team with automated risk monitoring across credible sources.

Transform compliance with pre-built automation

The complexity of your business requirements is not a problem. Our platform offers you a complete suite of solutions that you can easily add or remove to match your needs. 


Simplify AML and KYC compliance

We help you stay compliant with regulations while still offering your customers a positive experience.


Differentiate through identity verification

Harvest the power of AI and biometrics to delight your customers with a frictionless customer experience and faster access to your business while keeping compliance checked.


Optimize costs

Minimize compliance costs and save money with automated onboarding flows that keep your customers engaged until the end.

Faster customer onboarding

We support your processes at a global scale. Serve all your international customers and allow fast access to your business.

Better customer experience

Win your customers fast with immediate access to your service and a secured platform.

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Compliance at the core

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